The grad school body of Work

The first fully completed piece is a clear jump from my previous body of work. It’s walking a linear path from what I was doing before, but has mad some leaps, leaving the panel and frame behind and embarking on a much more sculptural approach.

"Communication Calisthenics"

"Communication Calisthenics"

Long time coming

I’m now living in Chicago. So as there might be plenty of excuses as to why it’s taken me so long to update this, I’ll just leave it at the madness of controlled chaos that has embodied the experience. New school, new environment and new art! the ball is rolling at the School of the Art Institute’s master program.

studio shot 1

new studio with early semester work filling the shelves

I’m still preparing for the upcoming solo show back in MPLS. The show will consist of all new work. Therre will be a healthy mix of pre grad school work along with the new art that is being crunched out in the Windy City

colored pencil drawings turned into DIY pixilated stickers

Moving forward, Thanks so much for all the support, high five everyone!

big wall hanging arm, work in progress